Moto Racer Traffic
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  1. Moto Racer Traffic
  2. General Information

    Moto Racer Traffic was a planned sequel to the Moto Racer series. The game was being developed by Delphine Software International and Doki Denki. However, development has been stopped after the bankruptcy and liquidation of Doki Denki and Delphine. The game was planned to be released on PC and PlayStation 2.


    The following pictures were collected from blogs and personal websites of people who were involved in the development.


    Thanks to foxafonk for providing these videos.


    DkStreaming: Moto Racer Traffic is a document I found on the webpage of former Doki Denki employee Frantz Raia. The document gives an insight in the game’s development.
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    Last revision: 12/18/2017