Moto Racer series
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  1. Moto Racer
  2. Moto Racer 2
  3. Moto Racer 3
  4. Moto Racer 4
  1. Moto Racer
  2. General Information

    Moto Racer was developed by Delphine Software International and published by Electronic Arts. The game was released in 1997 for PC and PlayStation.


    System Requirements



    Supported Hardware Acceleration Devices:


    Cover Arts & Distribution

    Moto Racer was published worldwide. See the different covers below:

    Moto Racer was also shipped with the Matrox Mystique 220:

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    Cheat Codes

    The PlayStation version had many more cheats.

    Cheat Code PC PSX
    All tracks CDNALSI Up Up Left Right Down Down Circle R2 Triangle X
    Reverse tracks CESREVER Left Right Left Right Circle Circle R1 L1 Triangle X
    Pocket bikes CTEKCOP Up Down R2 L2 Down Up L1 X
    All tracks and reverse mode Down Down Right Left Up Up Circle L2 Triangle X
    Credits movie Circle Triangle Circle Circle Triangle Circle Up Right Left X
    Victory movie Circle Triangle Circle Triangle Circle Triangle L1 Up R2 X
    Night mode Up Circle L1 Down Triangle L2 Circle Left R1 X
    Future vehicles Up Up Up Down L1 R2 L2 R1 Circle X
    Half speed opponents Down Down Down Circle L1 Circle L2 Down Down X
    Boosted bikes Up Up Up Triangle R1 Triangle R2 Up Up X
    Bike only Left Left Triangle Right Right Up Down L1 R1 X
    Rider only Right Right Circle Left Left Down Up L2 R2 X


    ReadMe files are included within the ZIP-file.

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  3. Moto Racer 2
  4. Moto Racer 2 was developed by Delphine Software International and published by Electronic Arts. The game was released in 1998 for PC and PlayStation.


    System Requirements

    Operating system: Windows® 95 or 98
    CPU Type & Speed: Pentium (or compatible) 166 MHz or higher
    Video card: Direct 3D compatible 4MB 3D accelerator board or Direct Draw compatible 2MB 2D video card in 65,536 color mode
    Hard Drive Space: 5 MB
    Memory: 32 MB
    CD-ROM drive: X4 or faster (600Kb/sec transfer rate) with Windows 95/98 CD-ROM driver
    Input devices supported: All Direct Input compatible game devices supported by Windows® 95 or 98, including those with Force Feedback
    DirectX: DirectX 6 or higher (DirectX 6 is supplied on the CD-ROM), DirectX 6 Media
    Input Device: Keyboard, mouse

    CPU Type & Speed: Pentium® II 233 MHz (or equivalent processor)
    Video card: Direct 3D AGP bus 4MB or PCI bus 8MB 3D accelerator board
    Hard Drive Space: 200 MB
    Memory: 64 MB
    Sound card: 16 bit Direct Sound compatible

    Supported Graphic Accelerators:
    3Dfx Voodoo Graphics, Voodoo2, Voodoo2 SLI, Voodoo Rush, Voodoo Banshee
    Intel i740
    Nvidia Riva 128, Riva TNT
    Matrox G200, Mystique 220 with 4MB
    ATI Rage Pro, Rage 128

    Required for Multiplayer:
    Type and frequency of processor: Pentium 200 MHz (or compatible)
    1 CD Per PC for all multiplayer modes

    2 to 8 players:
    Via local network: IPX or TCP/IP (requires network card)
    Via Internet: TCP/IP or IPX (requires at least a 28.8 kbps modem and Internet Service Provider)

    2 players:
    Via direct modem connection (requires a 28.8 kbps connection)
    Via serial cable link (requires null modem cable and 16550 UART high speed serial port)

    Cover Arts & Distribution

    Moto Racer 2 was published worldwide. See the different covers below:

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    Big Air (allow dirt bikes to make big jumps, the bike always jump) Left Left Up Up Right Right Down Down Space Esc Enter
    Super Speed (increase the power of your bike, to go very fast) Up Up Up Right Left Esc Enter


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  5. Moto Racer 3

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  7. Moto Racer 4
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